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Absolutely Exquisite Antique Doll/Baby Christening Gown - Perfect!!

This is a gorgeous antique baby or doll christening gown.  Newborn size

it measures 73 cm (29″) long, 18 cm(7″) across at the shoulders and an amazing 68 cm (27″) wide at the bottom

The sleeves are 18 cm (7″ )long.

The back closes with two tiny buttons, but the opening is 23 cm (9″) long, allowing plenty of room for putting the gown over the head.

It is one of the nicest gowns that I have ever seen! I cannot find any rips or mends. Just a couple of small spot holes in the lace on the hem at the back.  There are no odors or stains. The detail is amazing! You will love it!

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